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Van Bergejk Gipsy Guitar Oval
Oval Gipsy

Van Bergejk Gipsy Guitar Big Sound
Big Sound

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Van Bergejk Gipsy Guitar Nylon Gipsy
Nylon String Jazz guitar

Gipsy Guitars
Gipsy jazz is very popular the last decades. I've made my first gipsy guitar in 1994. One of my friends asked me to make an oval gipsy. I couldn't know at that moment that this was a turning point for me as a guitar maker.

Interesting concept
The Gipsy guitar is very interesting because of the floating bridge, the arched top and the unique bracing. Inside its construction is more like a mandolin.

The sound
I learned why a lot of gipsy guitars are, to my ears, much too crispy and too thin in the sound. It took me some years to fully understand this instrument.

Full sound, loud and balanced
Now I have found the balance in key elements that gives you the real gipsy sound in combination with full range, while maintaining a great sustain. My gipsy guitars are being played worldwide.
Popy Basily is the owner of one of my Oval Gipsies
Custom roundhole
for Tsuhara Yasumi
Custom roundhole
for Rene Vermaes
Custom round hole
I also made some round hole instruments, based on the Maccaferri guitars on request. These custom guitars sound great and are also all-round.
For Tsuhara Yasumi I've made a very special instrument years ago.
Rene Vermaes asked me to make one without a sound hole inlay and a 12 fret joint. This guitar is great for fingerstyle guitar.

YouTube with my Oval Gipsy, Bigsound and acoustic bass

Nomy Rosenberg and friends
having  fun

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